Minecraft Drawing

She used a program called Gimp to draw these. I love how much movement there is in them, and the expressions on the faces too.

nice doggy...


unknown ender 2


This next image was drawn on paper. Her idea was to do a sort of instructional “blueprint” for drawing Minecraft characters.

2013-01-13 10.54.04

Starting with the Creeper (green guy) the cartoon bubble next to it shows a closeup of the eye, the mouth, and then she broke the mouth down into its component shapes to show how to draw it. Underneath where it says “for cartoon creeper” it shows various ways to draw mouths if one is drawing a cartoon version of the Creeper (since, in Minecraft, the expressions on Creeper’s face don’t change).

The character to the right of the Creeper is a Skeleton. They shoot arrows from bows. Emily said she was not happy with how the chest turned out (a closeup of the pattern she used is shown in a bubble). She also wasn’t happy with the bow and arrow, particularly the bubble on top where she attempted to show how it was drawn.

I really loved the Steve character (guy with pink). He looks so alive, with the movement lines and the expression on his face.



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